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Can’t Always Get What You Want

Zamanına yetişemediğimiz efsanelerden onlar: The Rolling Stones. Bu şarkının kulağa bu kadar hoş geldiğini ilk defa fark ediyorum…

Viewer Discretion Advised

Director Michael Cumming has taken it upon himself to produce an unofficial video for The Weeknd’s steamy album opener “High For This” from their free debut mixtape, House Of Balloons.

The record has received much praise from music enthusiasts of all sorts, and while I’m not raving about the entire release, I do like their approach. I just think that this album has been done before, and been done better. Cumming’s video focuses thoroughly on the sexual nature of the music, displaying a multitude of beautiful half-naked women in comprising positions with increasingly seductive poses as the song begins to progress.

Thankfully for myself, there are no men to be found.

Check it out below, and if you haven’t heard House Of Balloons yet, do yourself a favor and start listening now. No one wants to be the last one listening.



Tam gaza ihtiyacınız olduğu anda…

In For The Kill (Skream’s Remix)

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