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Hogwarts style


know where you stand – by The History Channel

Then the time stood still

ironically beautiful

A small puppy wandered up to U.S. Marines from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 6th Marines, in Marjah, Afghanistan. After following the Marines numerous miles, a soft hearted Marine picked the puppy up and carried the puppy in his drop pouch.

The Falling Man

The Falling Man

One of the most haunting images captured from 9/11, it shows a man free-falling after he has jumped from one of the windows of North Tower. He was one of the people they call “Jumpers”, who chose to jump to their death rather than get suffocated by the smoke or get buried under the rubble. Some called them cowards, while some sensationalized them as tragic symbols of 9/11. But the fact of the matter is, it was a hard choice for anyone to make, and one can not really judge the decisions a person makes in times like these.

People, you rant so much about how you have a hard time making choices. Whether you should work on your assignment or go out with your friends. Whether you should date this person or that person. Whether you should break up with your boy/girlfriend or not. Whether you should wear the red shirt or the blue one. Imagine the choice this man had to make

Make Dreams Come True

Up filmindeki fenomen Amerika’da gerçekten denendi ve başarıyla hayata geçirildi. Gördüğünüz görüntüler tamamen gerçek. Ancak tabi ki ev normal bir evden çok daha hafif plastikden yapılma ve küçük bir ev. Ama yanlış anlaşılmasın oyuncak değil gerçek ev.

Morning Glory Clouds

Morning Glory Clouds are most likely to appear in areas with high humidity and pressure. Though they have been studied extensively, they are not yet clearly explainable.

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